Our team in the Hesari column: Apunen: Yliopistoissa ei saa haastaa hyvinvointivaltiota

To do research is challenging, and now our ongoing research focusing on “taboos” in university teaching has been commented by Matti Apunen in his editorial column: Yliopistoissa ei saa haastaa hyvinvointivaltiota. For those who may be interested in our research, some information concerning the current phase of our research project:

Our research group conducted electronic survey on March-April 2015, and 95 (49 males) academics from University of Helsinki responded. The respondents represent all the faculties of University of Helsinki, their academic position varies from doctoral student to professor. Professors, university lecturers and senior researchers represent 57% of respondents. The electronic questionnaire consists of open end questions focusing on “taboos” in university teaching and academics’ conceptions of democracy in the university teaching and learning, and an instrument “Teaching Sensitive Issues in University” consisting of 14 items. The qualitative data will be content analyzed during the summer (researchers in universities are working and doing research when they are free from teaching responsibilities), and the quantitative data is analyzed by explorative factor analyses, reliability analyses, correlation analyses. The first results of the analyses are available at August, and we will present them in our seminars during next autumn.

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