A brief introduction to the solution to our challenge (slides)

We were asked by the Helsinki Challenge to comprise our vision, problem and solution in slides. It is quite clear we also have developed our concept terribly lot during the past six months – and from the original bid for HC competition last autumn. This set shows how we need to move beyond hierarchical power positions, linear knowledge and the focus on individual learning processes to collaborative learning. The weQ aspect of collaborative and creative learning has an impact also on research: when the teachers also learn in the learning process, learning is actually beneficial to their research. We get not only better methods and processes of teaching and learning at the universities but also better research results. Highedunbounded_solution_final2

We hope also those reading Finnish (there are couple of news articles in Finnish) would explore what the process is about beyond the debate on exploring whether or not there are taboos at also Finnish universities.

Edit: uploaded the latest version 24.6. at 11.51 (Finnish time).

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