WeQ Pedagogy goes lukio/gymnasium

The 2016 starts in a great way for us. Even though we did not make it to the final of the Helsinki Challenge, we have been taking the project further other ways.

The most exciting for the moment is the project of WeQ Pedagogy goes lukio/gymnasium. We collaborate with quite different five high schools in Finland: Eiran Aikuislukio, Hatanpään lukio (Tampere), Helsingin kuvataidelukio, LUMOn lukio (Vantaa, Tölö Gymnasium. So we deal with adult education and arts. There are English and Swedish-speaking students. Besides high schools from Helsinki also one school from neighbouring Vantaa and one even from Tampere (the Manchester of Finland, if we may). They have been working on exciting things, we hear.

They are ALL coming to Helsinki on 27 January! We hold a workshop at one of the central buildings, Porthania (the one that gets occupied by students and staff… and boasts modern design). The schools are uploading their work on this blog. And also presenting themselves at the session. There is a panel of academic discussion and 2-3 worldcafe sessions where students meet the experts. The schools chose migration as their general theme, and we are wanting to give them a chance to experience the university.

We are super excited. As you one would expect. For more info, get in touch with Hanna-Kaisa Hoppania or Emilia Palonen at the Department of Political and Economic Studies. The workshop is co-organised by the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki.

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